Sons of Thunder at Home and on the Road, 1972-74
(to 1969-70)

Here the band is about to enjoy a scrumptious breakfast at a camp where they were performing. Looks like everyone can't wait to dig in!
(L to R) Phyllis Wade, Tom Willett, Diane Ruh, Jack Moffat, Tom Paustian, Donna Gadling, Becky Newell, Dorian Lester

SOT on the road -- literally (next 26 photos)  . . .
Diane Ruh, Tom Willett, Donna Gadling Bob Eagan     
(L to R) Becky Newell, Donna Gadling, Eric Logan (on roof),
 Blaine Smith, Phyllis Wade, Diane Ruh, Dorian Lester, Tom Willett
(L to R) Duane Self, Dorian Lester, Tom Paustain, Diane Ruh
Phyllis Wade, Eric Logan
Eric being Eric, with Becky Eric being Eric, with Donna Tom Willett making a poignant statement
Dan Robbins et al Dan and Becky
Jack Moffat and Tom Willett Diane, Donna, Jack
Tom Willett and Debbie Halverson Debbie and Jack
Charlie Ruh Tom Paustian, Phyllis Becky and Dorian
Tom Paustain Tom Willett Donna

The next 4 raise the burning question: What is it about sitting on the tailgate of an overloaded station wagon that brings out the creative spirit??

Charlie Steve Nelson
SOT on the road but not on the road . . .

SOT in line at an eatery following a concert at William and
Mary (long wait; Blaine had to be revived)

Steve trying to escape Ed during setup at a Lincoln Memorial concert, by climbing a tree; Ed trying to coax him down

No accommodations were too deluxe for SOT during their

Staying in people's homes had its perils;
this cat grew too attached to Tom Paustian,
stoking his feline phobia.

This host managed to keep her cat in check, though (bottom right),
to Tom's relief.
Phyllis grilling dinner for the band during a rehearsal retreat;
Becky smoke-signaling the band that dinner is ready.
Tom and Duane at a rest stop
somewhere, discussing astrophysics
Ed trying to avoid the discussion
Tom running on the high school track
behind Blaine's home in Poolesville,
Maryland; Eric trying to catch him
Jack, wondering when practice will end
and lunch will be served
Jack, pleased to hear that lunch is on the
Jack, jubilant after lunch

Reflective moments on the road: Tom, Debbie, Jack (in the SOT truck)

Not so reflective:
Tom and Dorian practicing dance moves
Tom Paustian, ready to play
Dorian, ready to play

Feeling good about the road: Debbie, Steve Nelson

Finally, a few scenes of SOT at home, 9400 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda . . .

Bobby in SOT's practice room, which the band covered with
carpet squares from a dumpster, and egg cartons on the ceiling -- all in order to dampen the sound. The neighbors were pleased. The church . . . well . . .

Good to be home!

Dan collecting himself
Steve collecting himself
Blaine doing what he can to help Coca-cola

Tom on the front staircase

Dorian on the back staircase

Tom testing the mirror in the front hall
Debbie and Dorian in the dining room
Dorian and Becky in the dining room
(what WAS so funny about that hat?)

Phyllis in the dining room

Tom before retiring practicing his gift of

To SOT at Home and on the Road, 1969-70


Sons of Thunder
P.O. Box 448
Damascus, Maryland 20872


Celebrating America's Pioneer Christian Rock Band

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