Chapter Four
SOTís Full Time Years
(1) June 1972 - May 1973

By June 1972 Sons of Thunder had been together for five years. It had grown since its inception in June í67 from a four-piece folk-rock-style group to an eight-member band with a heavier rock style and more creative arrangements. But its priorities had stayed the same: it remained devoted to sharing the love of Christ through engaging music, as much of it original as possible, and committed to ministry through it all. SOTís opportunities to perform grew steadily throughout this period, and numerous churches, campus ministries and Christian organizations throughout the mid-Atlantic region had engaged the band for concerts. Now the time seemed right to launch the band full-time, and in June í72 SOT took this step. But with two personnel changes. More . . .



Sons of Thunderís Full Time Years, June 1972 - May 1973 -- Photos


Sons of Thunder fall 1972 (L  to R, B to F): Ed Weaver, lead keyboards, vocals; Bob Eagan, drums; Tom Willett, bass,
vocals; Donna Gadling, keyboard, vocals; Hendricks Davis, vocals; Phyllis Wade, vocals, Blaine Smith, lead guitar;
Becky Newell, vocals; Steve Halverson, vocals, bass, guitar, alt. percussion

The house where SOT dwelt from June 1972 to Dec. 1974, 9400
Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, Maryland. It was the parsonage of the
church to the right, though SOT had full use of it. Photo: 9/10/74
Temple Hills Baptist Church then, now Bethesda Meeting House,
gave SOT full use of their manse, on the church property, during
their full time years, and use of the church as well. Photo: 9/10/74
SOT at several outdoor performances, fall 1972 (next 5 photos)
At Track Recorders, Silver Spring, Maryland, recording "Day
Follows Night" album,  July 1972
Engineer Cory and SOT's sound engineer
Debbie Halverson shown
SOT performing at Loudon County Virginia crusade of Billy
Graham evangelist John Wesley White, September 1972.

All of SOT's fall 1972 troupe except Charlie shown here
(L to R, B to F): Sharon Halverson (Steve's wife), Steve,
Diane, Blaine, Bobby, Ed, Becky, Phyllis, Debbie,
Tom, Hendricks, Duane, Donna

Steve Halverson at full throttle
Phyllis Blaine Hendricks, Tom, Blaine

Duane Self joined SOT as full-time technician in June 1972.
We kept him busy -- there was always something to fix!

Becky, Phyllis, Steve
SOT joined by local autoharp legend, Brian Bowers, when
performing at the Lincoln Memorial, fall 1972
Phyllis Bobby Donna
Phyllis Debbie Hendricks
Hendricks, Becky Blaine, Steve (barely shown), Becky, Phyllis
Summer 1972 at weekly college meeting, Fourth Presbyterian,
Phyllis, Blaine, Becky, Donna, Don

SOT performing with "Rock Gospel for the Deaf." Beginning in March 1973, SOT began presenting a special
concert that was signed and choreographed for hearing-impaired audiences,  and over the next 14 months gave
this performance about 15 times in 14 different U.S. cities. More info. on Rock Gospel for the Deaf.

The signers/choreographers for Rock Gospel for the Deaf:
Fr. Rudy Gawlik, Dan Pokorny, Pam Minger, and Dennis Cokley,
from Gallaudet College and Kendall Demonstration School
While most Rock Gospel concerts were for large audiences, this
one in an intimate setting shows the exuberant joy audience
members experienced from this concert.
SOT placed their highest priority on ministry, and members
always stayed available as long as needed to talk to people
after concerts. Steve shown here . . .
. . . and Blaine
. . . and Don . . . and Dorian
Guitarist-singer Dorian Lester joined
SOT in March 1973
Dorian and Tom Willett

Next 7 photos from Spring 1973, after Dorian joined SOT.

     Next 3 from 3 different outdoor performances in
Omaha, Nebraska, May 1973

Dorian, Phyllis, Tom


Sons of Thunder
P.O. Box 448
Damascus, Maryland 20872


Celebrating America's Pioneer Christian Rock Band

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