Sons of Thunder at Home and on the Road
1969-70 (below)
to 1972-74

Here's a batch of informal photos of Sons of Thunder -- we have a few from 1969-70, and a lot from the full-time years, 1972-74. Some are from the road, some before or after concerts, and some from the home at 9400 Wisconsin Avenue which SOT used when full time. Some are whimsical, some serious (not too many). Some certain members will ask us to delete (sorry, the webmaster's on vacation).
Though performing always brings certain pressures, and traveling was sometimes stressful, Sons of Thunder had enormous fun together, as these photos clearly show, and the full-time years were in some ways like an extended vacation. We cherish the memories of that time, and hope you enjoy these candids.



SOT at Home and on the Road, 1969-70


Joan Hettenhouser and Robin Woodhams with SOT at the Naval Academy, fall 1969

Joan practicing, probably  at White Mountain Camp near Winchester, Virginia, where SOT performed


Next 10 photos: In New York City for performances at Billy Graham-sponsored coffeehouse, June 1969. Shown here with Graham's pianist Tedd Smith, who arranged the booking and performed some songs with the band. Left photo (L to R, B to F): Tedd Smith, Dennis Nowlin (SOT road assistant), Blaine Smith, Robin Woodhams, Don Williamson, Donna Gadling, Joan Tinsley.


Tedd Smith
Joan and Donna outside the Hotel Salisbury in NY where the
band stayed
Leaving for home: Blaine and Donna shown Dennis Nowlin

SOT welcomed home at National Airport by friend Susie Zepp
(far right)

On the road to Boston for performance at M.I.T., fall 1970
(next 3 photos). Don Williamson shown
Blaine and Donna
SOT visited a home for at-risk children during trip to Raleigh,
North Carolina, summer 1970; Blaine shown here

SOT members on break during visit to Virginia Beach, for performances at Upstairs Coffeehouse, August 1970. L to R: Donna Gadling, Leslie White, Don Williamson


To SOT at Home and on the Road, 1972-74


Sons of Thunder
P.O. Box 448
Damascus, Maryland 20872


Celebrating America's Pioneer Christian Rock Band

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