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Overcoming Shyness
Conquering Your Social Fears
M. Blaine Smith, SilverCrest Books, 2011
Foreword by Stephen A. Hayner, Ph.D.
President, Columbia Theological Seminary, former president of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
As a shy person myself, I found countless reasons for hope in Overcoming Shyness. Blaine points out some ways in which shyness is a gift, and yet he never trivializes the fears which so often immobilze shy people.

His biblical examples are eye-openers. How many of us have ever realized that so many of our favorite Bible heroes were hampered by shyness? And he gives contemporary examples of how biblical grace and affirmation have changed people whose lives had been wilted by shyness.

Blaine offers detailed, practical helps--always authentic, never gimmicky or artificial. All the shy people in the world owe Blaine Smith a tremendous debt of gratitude for writing Overcoming Shyness.

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