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Overcoming Shyness
Conquering Your Social Fears
  M. Blaine Smith ~ SilverCrest Books ~ 2011
Foreword by Stepnen A. Hayner

Part One: Understanding Shyness
  1  A Common Experience
2  The Roots of Shyness
3  The Benefits of Shyness
4  The Drawback of Shyness--Catastrophizing

Part Two: Taking Control--One Half-Step at a Time
  5  Staring Fear Down

6  Breaking the Panic Cycle
7  Praying for Courage
8  Asking for Help

Part Three: Awakening Your Social Life
  9  Seeing the Possibilities

10  Putting Yourself in the Right Context
11  Warming Up to Conversation
12  Knowing What to Say

Part Four: Asserting Yourself--and Your Life
  13  Faith and Assertiveness

14  Taking Initiative
15  Learning Optimism
16  Playing a Role--and Staying Whole

Appendix: Tips for Confronting an Audience

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