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Knowing God's Will
Biblical Principles of Guidance
Original Edition (Revised/Expanded Edition also Available)
M. Blaine Smith ~ InterVarsity Press, 1979

Foreword by Richard C. Halverson
Former Chaplain to the United States Senate

While attending seminary, I was a member of what we called "Deputation Teams." Various churches in the Northeast area of the country invited us for special services--usually youth conferences on weekends. As part of this weekend there was nearly always a question-and-answer time during which we seminary students would respond.

Invariably one quesiton asked had to do with the will of God--"How can I know God's will for my life?" or some variation of that theme. In the course of college and seminary I had developed a simple little formula which had been gleaned from several sources. With a great degree of confidence I would prescribe this formula, after which the matter was settled as far as I was concerned.

Unhappily for those who raised the question, this was not so. The formula proved to be articfical and mechanical, and it lacked biblical insights which came much later for me.

On reading this book, I wished that I had been able in those seminary days to give the instruction so ably presented here.

Blaine Smith writes on the subject with extrardinary maturity and careful attention to the Scriptures. As I read his manuscript it seemed that he had thought of everything.

He begins by facing and eliminating the most common misunderstanding relating to the subject. Briefly and incisively he puts away false notinos held by many and often propagated with devastating effect.

His treatment of the relationship between divine sovereignty and human freedom and responsibility is excellent, as is his distinction between moral and nonmoral issues.

Here is a presentation on knowing God's will that is carefully thought through, well annotated, comprehensive, exceedingly practical and compellingly readable.

Richard C. Halverson
Washington, D.C.

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