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Knowing God's Will
Biblical Principles of Guidance
Original Edition (Revised/Expanded Edition also Available)
M. Blaine Smith ~ InterVarsity Press ~ 1979


Foreword by Richard C. Halverson

Part I: Defining the Problem
  Chapter 1: A Serious Concern
No Lack of Advice
The Task Ahead
 Chapter 2: Key Concepts
Moral and Nonmoral Decisions
Complex Decisions
God's Plan and God's Wish
Moving On

Part II: God's Responsibility for Guidance--and Ours
  Chapter 3: The Promise of Guidance
Just Following Along
No Need to Fear

  Chapter 4: Are You Willing:
Being Open to Suggestion
What about Motives?
The Problem Remains

  Chapter 5: Asking for Guidance
Praying to Know God's Will
Praying for Strength to Do Right
How Much Prayer Is Enough?

  Chapter 6: Searching the Scriptures 
Use Your Head
Understanding the Role of Scripture
The Nitty-Gritty

  Chapter 7: Thinking Things Through
Choosing a Path
Selecting Church Leaders

Part III: Improper Approaches to Guidance
  Chapter 8: Visions, Prophecies and Fleeces
The exceptions and the Rules
The Place of Prophecy
Putting Out a Fleece

  Chapter 9: Looking for an Inward Sign
What the Bible Says
Mirror of Our Minds

Part IV: Making Decisions
  Chapter 10: Beginning to Decide: Considering Personal
First Steps in Decision Making
How Desires Fit In
Know Your Needs
  Chapter 11: Evaluating Abilities
Spiritual Gifts
Gifts, Abilities and Guidance
When Is a Gift Not a Guide?

  Chapter 12: Assessing Open and Closed Doors
Circumstances and Major Decisions
Open Doors and Minor Decisions

  Chapter 13: Weighing the Counsel of Others
Members of a Body
Assimilating Advice
Obtaining Counsel

  Chapter 14: Finally Deciding
The Proof Is in the Person
Making the First Move
The Abundant Life Is Not an Easy One

Appendix: Authority Relationships and the Will of God
  Spiritual Leaders
Husbands and Wives
Parents and Children

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