Faith and Optimism
Positive Expectation in the Christian Life
  M. Blaine Smith ~ SilverCrest Books ~ 2011
(Formerly The Optimism Factor)

I  Why Be Optimistic?
 1  A Well-Founded Choice
2  Outrageous Faith

II  Optimism and Faith
  3  Friend or Foe? Our Shifting View of God
4  Serving Christ for the (Highest) Benefits
5  Waiting in Faith vs. Stepping Out in Faith
6  When Is a Door Really Closed?

III  Winning the Daily Battle
  7  Faith in the Fast Lane

8  Self-Talk: How Much Can We Psych Ourselves Up?
9  Contagious Optimism

IV  Miracles Come in Many Forms
  10  A Matter of Timing

11  Bailing Us Out
12  Rumors of Miracles
13  The Availability Factor

V  Rebounding from Disappointment and Failure
  14  When Someone Lets You Down

15  The Problem of Unanswered Prayer
16  Winning Through Failure
17  It's Okay Not to Feel OK
18  Fresh Starts

VI  Gaining Focus for Steps of Faith
  19  My Desires and God's Will

20  You're a Gift to Others--But Not a Savior
21  Breaking the Inertia
22  Trust Your Judgment

VII  Confronting Our Fears of Change
23  When Better Seems Worse
24  Revising the Map
25  Tradeoffs Worth Making
26  The Greatness of Small Beginnings

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