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Emotional Intelligence
for the Christian

How It Radically Affects Your
Happiness, Health, Success and
Effectiveness for Christ

How to Achieve It Where
It Counts Most

M. Blaine Smith ~ SilverCrest Books ~ 2012


I: The Radical Difference

Self-Understanding Makes

1/ Growing Wise Emotionally

2/ Reshaping Assumptions That Shape Our Life

3/ Embracing Optimism

II: Emotional Intelligence:

Ten Liberating Perspectives

4/ Thinking Sanely About Our Emotional Life

5/ Is Anger a Sin?

6/ If I Donít Express My Anger, Will I Blow Up?

7/ Pearls of Too Great a Price?

8/ Welcome Guidance from Unwelcome Circumstances

9/ The Peril of Despair

10/ The Power of Resilience

11/ Paranoia Can Annoy Ya

12/ The Positive Side of Mixed Emotions

13/ Self-Talk: How Much Can We Psych Ourselves Up?

14/ Listening to God: Why It Helps to Be Moving

15/ Conclusion




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